However uncommon, vehicle recalls do happen and sometimes they involve more than just a faulty door handle or missing stereo wires. It’s an unsettling thought that we could be driving several tons of metal that could suddenly give out on us, but it’s something that is risked even when buying the most reputable car and truck manufacturers.

Sometimes the manufacturer defects are more annoying than anything else, which was the case when Subaru put out a mass recall on their newest SUVs not long ago. Their line of vehicles that included a remote starting component already installed into the automobiles had the chance to malfunction, causing the engines to begin even when not prompted. If kept in a garage or similar small space, they ran the risk of poisoning anyone nearby with carbon monoxide, but as that seemed highly unlikely, the biggest issue seen with the cars was the expenditure involved.

Should the cars begin starting up on their own, they had the potential to run for several minutes. Some of the SUVs involved in the recall, however, wouldn’t stop and the engines could run until resources were depleted such as the tank running out of gas or the car’s battery being bled dry.

Honda’s recent vehicle recall, however, was much more serious. This particular error in the car’s design affected the entire system that enveloped the brakes in the car. Motorists reported driving down the road for several minutes before the car would apply the brakes rather sharply and in many cases, this caused the drivers to lose control of the vehicle. After investigation, Honda found that the issue lay not with the brakes but with the pre-installed system in the automobiles that was put into place in order to help motorists keep control of the car.

There was a miscommunication in this system, which would cause the car to automatically slam on the breaks without having any reason to. Because this fault affected not only the breaks but the communication systems, it was increasingly possible that the brake issues were only the first of many.

Luckily enough, no one had been hurt due to the faulty brakes in Honda’s recent model lineup, but sometimes drivers will need legal help because the problem is much more severe. This was such the case of a local gardener when he rented out a truck from an in-town business. The owner of the aforementioned business failed to disclose the defects that were present in the truck the gardener was renting and instead, allow him to take the truck anyway.

This cost the local man his life as the steering gave out on the vehicle and ultimately crushed the man to death, living his family behind to mourn the loss. The business owner pled guilty of breaking several laws including Health and Safety.

It’s disconcerting to hear that a vehicle recall has been issued but what is even more unnerving is that sometimes recalls don’t happen and these defects are only found because a driver discovered them while on their morning commute. It’s important that consumers understand how their car is supposed to behave so they can better evaluate how it’s acting on the road and if they find anything wrong, they are then prepared to take legal action if needed.