Considering that the TV Show “Shark Tank” is there for extremely successful “sharks” to aid small entrepreneurs with their dreams of starting or expanding their businesses, there are many success stories to relate from the various seasons and not just five that are top success stories. However, the following can qualify among those five.
Ice Chips Candy:
Who would think that dentists would recommend eating four to eight servings of this candy per day to receive the oral health benefits of Xylitol! These candies are healthy, strengthen teeth, keep breath fresh, are sugar free and safe for diabetics, inhibit the growth of dental plaque, reduce tooth decay, contain zero net carbs,The Coffee n Cream Ice Chips single pack, priced at $5.50, tastes similar to an Iced Vanilla Latte and includes caffeine for a pick-me-up. Just dissolve in the mouth slowly in order to coat the teeth.
Teddy Needs a Bath:
This large 20″ x 30″ bag is made of 100% cotton and was invented to wash and dry your child’s stuffed toys in a way that will keep them from becoming misshapen or snagged. Parents do not realize that the dust mites and germs that the toys collect can contribute to asthma and eczema flare-ups. The National Allergy Association suggests washing stuffed toys once a month in hot water and drying in hot air. This special bag makes them feel, look and smell like brand new.
Pork Barrel BBQ:
Featuring 12-ounce bottles of Original Sauce, Mustard Sauce, and Sweet Sauce along with a 4.5 ounce jar of Dry Rub, these Pork Barrel BBQ national award winning products are now in 300 east coast supermarkets and will soon move into Costco. “Men’s Health” magazine voted this the best BBQ sauce. It is excellent on poultry, meat, fish and vegetables. Brett and Heath are excited to have now broken ground on the first Pork Barrel BBQ restaurant.
Cool Wazoo:
This is a multifunctional pad with a high-tech inner material that repels heat due to its insulating materials. This was originally designed to help protect children from blistering heat on swing seats, but the uses of this large pad are now expanded to being a baby changing pad, a seat in the supermarket cart or in playgrounds and restaurants, and anywhere where the child needs to be protected from heat and grime. It folds up to fit into a purse or diaper bag, and extra wipes and diapers can be placed into the pocket that forms.
Scrub Daddy:
A two-pack of open-celled foam sponges with a smooth side and a zigzag side that scrub greasy and grimy hands clean but also are gentle on the skin. The foam softens when put under warm water for gentle washing or stays firm under cold water for a good scrub. Dirty fingernails are cleaned in the finger holes. The Scrub Daddy is also great on dishes and pots. It does not hold odors and outlasts many sponges. These are brought to you by the people who have been successful with The Edge 2000 buffing pads and who are experts on foam.