The smartphone has become one of the most important inventions in the history of mankind. Even though the smartphone has not been around for very long, this is not an overstatement when you consider how many people use them. Also, there are applications available for just about everything you can possibly think of. There are apps for games, social media, movies, music, maps, banking, stocks, GPS, exercise and so much more. Smartphone apps have been a breakthrough that have completely changed the way that we live our lives. While many of the apps are free, there are an equal number of apps that cost money. The explosion in the popularity of smartphones has caused many mobile app developers to try and develop the next big thing in the app world. Here are some of the most revolutionary apps that have forever made their mark:
1. Bump
When the iPhone was first released, it was instantly a smash hit, selling millions of units around the world. However, it was not long before many people started to make the same complaint. They wanted a way to connect with another person’s iPhone and share photos, files and other information. Apple did not have an answer for this problem. However, necessity is the mother of invention. This outcry from the public caused Bump Technologies to create their app. They also made one for the Android. It enables two people to bump their phones together to exchange various data over the Internet. It is a free app for both platforms.

2. DoubleDutch
This is a company that makes conference apps for the iOS. People attending the conference who are using their iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone can take advantage of this app that allows people to interact, collaborate and communicate with the specific event that they are attending in real-time. Organizers of the event are provided with key performance indicators that are exclusive to the data-driven event app made by DoubleDutch. Some of the engineers that work for DoubleDutch were previously employed by Apple. This allows their apps to blend very well with the Human Interface Design of Apple.

3. Movies by Flixster
Most people have been in a situation where they wanted to find out when and where a movie is playing in their area. The days of flipping through the newspaper for movie times are gone forever. Flixter started out as a website about movies, but the app they released for the iOS in August 2008 has become the most popular app of all time for movie trailers, reviews and times. They have since gone on to release apps for Blackberry, Windows Phone and the Android. In 2010, they passed 20 million mobile app downloads for all platforms combined. Flixster became so popular that Warner Brothers bought the company in 2011.

4. Angry Birds
If you have not heard of this game, you must be living in a cave. Released in December 2009 for iOS, this game developed by Finnish developer Rovio Entertainment quickly took the world by storm. A staggering 12 million copies were bought from Apple’s App Store. Based on this popularity, Rovio wisely decided to create versions of the game for Windows Phone and the Android. Angry Birds is the most popular pay mobile app game ever. There is also a free version. What is even more amazing is that its popularity shows no signs of slowing down.