Developing an effective advertising campaign can be difficult to do, and the unfortunate truth is that your advertising efforts may need to regularly be revised. Everything from your advertising message to the format that you deliver it in should be reviewed from time to time, and changes should be made to your advertising campaign so that you are able to deliver the best overall results for your advertising budget. Some companies are making a shift away from the use of print and TV advertising in exchange for other options, like online advertising. You may be wondering if it is wise to stop these types of ads altogether. Each company is unique, so you may consider a few points as you make your decision.
Your Budget
If your company has a tight advertising budget, as many do, you may be searching for a more cost-effective solution to meet your advertising needs. Print and television ads are among the most expensive advertising options available, and online advertising is significantly more affordable. However, the decision to drop print and TV ads altogether or to simply scale back these more expensive efforts requires more attention of focus.
Your Target Audience
Another factor to think about when you are making this important decision is who your target audience is and how they spend their time. For example, in many demographics, there may be a shift away from cable or network television shows, and online television viewing may be more common. Another example is the shift away from newspapers to obtain local, regional or national news and a shift toward online news outlets. If your target audience is shifting away from from print and television, it makes sense that you may make a shift as well. However, you should consider whether ceasing these efforts altogether or scaling back is more effective.
The Results
The final point to consider is the return on investment you have seen in recent months and years. Most companies have seen a decline in print and television ad returns and an increase in returns through online advertising. You may experiment with how much more cost effective it may be to boost your online marketing efforts even further. After all if you do shift entirely away from print and TV ads, you may have more money in your advertising budget to spend on online advertising.
A Transitional Strategy
If you are not certain if suddenly ceasing print and TV ads altogether is wise, you can consider decreasing the frequency of ads or the length or size of ads as a first step. Allocate the funds that you save by doing so to increasing your online advertising efforts. Pay attention to your return on investment through these efforts over the course of several months. If you have noticed a great return through this effort, you may consider moving forward with ending advertisements on television and print with greater confidence.
Each company has a unique type of product or service as well as a unique target audience and budget. Because of this, there is not a standard answer that is right for everyone. However, because of the increasing prevalence of the Internet and the general and marked decline of traditional television viewing and print media, it may make sense for your company to make a shift that accounts for this social movement.