Marketplace Energy takes great pride in being wanted men. All across the continent, investors and oil field prospectors clamor for the services of a superior American energy exploration and development company that was founded on the belief that the easiest way to find oil is to look for it in the places where it has already been found.

In many ways, this is something that only makes sense. After all, many of America’s greatest oil discoveries were made in very early times when the extraction technology was extremely primitive by today’s standards. While a particular oil pool may have been very thoroughly tapped insofar as was possible at the time, new methods have led to new production out of these very old fields.

Likewise, the science of geology has advanced greatly in understanding the processes that have molded our planet. Previous false assumptions based upon faulty doctrine led to fundamental misunderstandings as to how oil reservoirs were constituted. A dedicated re-examination of the initial geological findings often leads to realizations that certain areas of a deposit were not fully developed or were perhaps even missed completely.

Yet the reason why the services of Marketplace Energy are in such demand is not that they were the first to realize these realities, but that they have turned in an enviable record of success when it comes time to turn the theory of re-exploration into the welcome reality of producing wells. What is especially appreciated about the Marketplace approach to oilfield exploration is that the many uncertainties and significant costs of outright wildcat drilling are greatly reduced.

Instead of placing a high profit/high risk bet upon virgin ground, it has proven possible to use modern extraction technology in combination with improved geologic understanding to conjure up a river of petroleum from formerly dry wells. This provides a far more efficient use of financial and temporal resources, not to mention the fact that legal and environmental concerns are greatly reduced by operating on already-leased ground in an established field.
Most oil men actually prefer to spend their time in the chase rather than in the office dealing with regulatory filings. Increasing the former while minimizing the latter down to the irreducible minimum is another hallmark of the Aeschere Energy way of doing business. They know how to get projects off the ground and moving faster than their competitors. This first mover advantage is greatly appreciated by their clients.

Naturally, not every field is reborn as a gusher but the important thing to focus on is that Marketplace Energy can find this out more rapidly. If an intended move is not going to work out a planned, the only thing that can be done is to move on to the next candidate. Cutting down on the time and money which had been allocated and redirecting the balance towards another promising prospect merely increases the lead that their already swift reaction brings to their partners.

Yes, as the North American Energy Revolution rolls across the continent, many firms are extremely gratified to have Marketplace Energy as an ally in the fight for quicker turnaround, faster recognition of opportunity, and better recovery rates. In the oil fields as in most other things in life, winning may not be everything, but it’s a lot more fun than the alternative