Those little purchases that you make when you are standing in line at the grocery store (or any other store) add up quickly. If you allow them to take over your budget, they can absolutely break your bank. On top of that, your overall utility will not match the money that you spend! You absolutely know this already; however, the reason that the little purchases are little is because companies know that big purchases will not get your money – little ones will.
There is nothing better for focusing the mind against impulse buys than a long term goal. If you give yourself a goal that you know will actually match the utility that you receive with the price that you pay, then you are much more likely to eschew to short term impulse buys.
Below are just a few suggestions that can serve as a long term goal so that no spontaneous purchases can break your bank!
1 – Early retirement
Setting early retirement as a goal is certainly something that will create focus in your life. There is literally no part of your budget that will remain untouched if this is your goal. You know, however, that the utility of an early retirement is worth nearly any amount of money in the present.
If you are ready for the next level in your financial life, then choose this as a goal today and set yourself in motion to make it a reality. You will likely need to increase your income, decrease your expenses, shorten your financial leash when it comes to impulse buys and pray a lot as well (with your banker).
2 – Getting the ride of your dreams
If you feel as though your dream car is beyond your reach, you are about to hear some good news: There is virtually no car or motorcycle, no matter what brand or how decked out, that is beyond the reach of the average person who is willing to save in a long term way and make budget conscious decisions.
Your dream motorcycle or car can be yours in less than 10 years (or slightly more if you are going for a super luxury vehicle like a Buggatti, etc.), however, you must fully dedicate yourself to the goal. Keep in mind that you will also be responsible for the ongoing maintenance of this vehicle and insurance, which will be substantially more than the average consumer vehicle that is on the road on a day to day basis.
3 – Saving for your family
One goal that people find is extremely satisfying is saving money for relatives, especially nieces, nephews, sons and daughters. Starting them off with money to invest in a business or just have an easier life when they are starting off is one of the best gifts that you can give to anyone, and it is certainly a good investment in family if you think that you will need their help for your life in the future.
A goal like this can also create a bonding experience with your family; make sure that you include the people that you are saving for. They should have a responsibility to accomplish before they get the money, of course!