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What Happened to Bitcoins?

Bitcoins have been in the news a lot lately, predominantly because of it’s tremendous fluctuations in worth. When the alternative currency first started out, it was worth roughly 15USD a coin. At it’s recent peak, the prices had it at over 250USD. However, disaster struck when the coin then suddenly dropped an immense amount of […]


Ways to Finance Your Business Needs

Financing is an essential phase for starting a new business or purchasing one that is already established. Although the business form determines the options for financing, the process is the same for all businesses. You determine the amount you need and find a source of funding. Determining the Amount Needed The first step in determining […]


Is the Cloud Really More Secure Than Native Storage?

There are still significant numbers of IT professionals who remain skeptical about the merits of cloud storage. These are bright individuals with arms folded. They’re considering cloud storage and computing because upper management has requested it. They’d like to hear more about cloud storage but are not yet sure of its usefulness. Native storage attacks […]