Having a strong social media presence can help your business make more money by attracting customers who otherwise would have never heard about your brand. However, you have to make sure that you are sending the right message to those who find you. Could poor social media profiles make it harder for your business to thrive?

You Have a Few Seconds to Make a Good Impression
Your social media profile should state the name of the company, what it does and how it will add value to the life of the customer. If your profile does not clearly state this within a couple of lines, that potential customer may keep searching for another company to buy a product from or learn more about a product from.
Don’t Be Gimmicky
Although social media is a great tool for promoting sales and other incentives that customers may love, your social media profile is not the time or place to be gimmicky. If your profile has a lot of links, flashing text or any other content that looks unprofessional or unappealing, the people who could be customers are not going to take your profile seriously.
Don’t Risk Being Labeled as Spam
A bad social media profile could do more than keep customers from wanting to interact with your company. It could cause people to report your profile as spam. This means that your profile is not going to be seen by anyone. That could be a death knell for your company. Even if your profile is not blocked or eventually returns after a period of suspension, the damage will already be done to your brand. At best, your company will have to rebrand itself to gain some distance from allegations of being a shady company.

It Only Takes One Bad Profile
Most companies have a social profile on as many different social media platforms as possible. Unfortunately, it only takes one bad social profile to have a negative effect on the rest of your social profiles. For example, if your Facebook page looks spammy or otherwise unprofessional, your customers may try to avoid your Twitter page or avoid sharing content on any of your social networks. This is because links that look spammy could contain viruses or cause other problems for those who click on them. Therefore, no one is going to trust your links and content on other sites if they know where it came from eventually.
Your Cost Per Click is Going to Increase
Social media is a great place to advertise for free. However, if no one clicks on your links on social media sites, you are going to have to rely on pay per click advertising as one of your only means of being discovered. While you could opt for paid discovery methods on social media, you might have to pay more per view because you won’t get free exposure that comes with having your content being shared after it has been discovered.
A bad social media profile can hurt your business whether you realize it or not. Therefore, make sure that you are taking time to craft a profile that makes your company stand out in a meaningful way to those who see it.