The issue of acquiring contractor insurance does not lend itself to a general debate as even the novice recognizes the general protection that policies that cover things such as equipment, inspectors, builders, engineers, general laborers, and vehicles afford. However, the specifics regarding a particular policy, as they relate to an individual construction project and potential risks, can and should be examined very carefully.

Since history oftentimes repeats itself, it is advisable to consider examples of illegal construction projects that proceeded in the face of evidence that suggested a different course of action to answer the old adage regarding ‘a pound of cure…’.

1) Hawaiian Construction Projects Defy Caution

According to Civil Beat, Hawaii’s State Historic Preservation Division, or SHPD, has given the go-ahead on various construction projects without complete archaeological evidence to support the projects. The website mentions a certain multi-million dollar project in 2009 that resulted in the filing of several lawsuits and delays due to required inventory surveys not being completed before the start of the project.

2): Court Ruling Does Not Derail the Plaza de Panama Project

The San Diego Reader documented a case of the city council of San Diego took steps to initiate an ordinance that would exclude the project from a required permit with the support of the City Attorney’s Office.

3): National Historic Preservation Act Defied

A 200 million dollar construction project in the northern part of California proceeds while ignoring legal restrictions designed to honor and protect local tribal history. The website indicated that the result has been mounting tensions between CalTrans and various local tribal officials.

4): Allegations of Corrupt Dutch Construction Contracts

The publication, Crime, Law, and Social Change 2005 uncovered illegal contracts between public officials and contractors in connection with a certain train tunnel facility project. The reported result, in part, was three construction companies paying a fine of five million Euros each to their clients.

5): Magic Motorways in China

It appears no permission had been granted to Chinese officials to build twenty motorways. The project proceeded without the required permits and was buried under soya beans plants to hide the motorways until permission could be received. The Chinese motorways would then magically appear.

6): Illegal Construction on Agricultural Land in Delhi

Construction projects that have proceeded illegally on agricultural land are the subject of this article, which cites local authorities as being aware of the illegal construction of at least 198 homes, that stretched over four acres over the past five years, without taking any steps to halt the process.

The examples that are cited above are not intended to solicit your vote ‘for’ or ‘against’ any decisions or actions put in place by those with duly designated authority. Rather, these examples may encourage you to give sufficient pause when selecting appropriate contractors insurance. It is vital to become educated regarding the process of securing this type of insurance, just as it is important to become thoroughly familiar with the list of options that are available to you and that will serve your present and future needs for insurance protection.