Let’s face it, working for someone else can be frustrating and difficult at times. There are days when you just feel like saying what you think and letting the chips fall where they may. However, while this might feel wonderful at the time, our words can have negative and long-lasting consequences on our career. Because our words have the potential to change the course of our entire future, some things are just better left unsaid. In light of that, listed here are 12 things that should absolutely never be said to your boss:
1. That is Not My Job!
If your boss is asking you to do something, it is essentially your job and by not doing it, you are drawing division between yourself and your employer. You may get out of doing that particular task, but your boss will always remember your unwillingness to help.
2. We Have Always Done it This Way.
Things change, so deal with it and do what your boss needs done. Anything else is insubordination, no matter how long you have done it the ‘other’ way.
3. It’s Not My Fault.
If there is a problem, you should work to find the solution. Don’t whine or blame others, because this only presents you in a childish light and will no way endear you to the boss.
4. I Don’t Know.
Show your boss that you are a take-charge professional. If you aren’t sure about something, say ‘let me do some checking and get right back to you on that.’ Let your boss know that you can handle whatever needs to be done.
5. I Assumed…
If you don’t know, ask. If you still aren’t sure, ask again. Otherwise you have made an… well, you know.
6. It is Not Possible.
These words should never be uttered to your boss. If you have doubts about a project or idea that has been presented, instead of being negative, work to figure out a way it can work, perhaps by approaching it from a different angle.
7. I Don’t Like Working With…
Never criticize others; it only makes you look small and petty in the eyes of your employer. Take the high road, do your job, and keep your mouth shut. If the other person really is a problem, eventually someone else will likely complain, leaving your hands clean of the matter.
8. I’m Not a People Person.
To succeed in the business world, you must deal with people. If you aren’t an outgoing person, you are just going to have to fake it. Otherwise, your boss may send you home permanently, you know, so don’t have to be around people.
9. I Don’t Get Paid Enough for Doing This Job.
If you tell your boss this, you could very well not be getting paid at all. You were fine with the pay when you accepted the job; so don’t be disrespectful when some days are not as easy as others.
10. I’m on a Break.
When you boss needs you, strive to go the extra mile. Bosses notice when their employees are there for them, and usually those employees are the ones that will be rewarded with more responsibility, (and money) further down the road.
11. If You Don’t Do This, I Will Quit.
Never, ever throw down ultimatums, because even if you don’t lose your job, which you most likely will, your working relationship will never be the same.
12. I’m Just Here for the Money.
Even if you feel this way, it is not a good idea to tell your boss. You can just about bet that any chance of promotion or advancement will be gone, once these words are uttered.
Watching what you say when dealing with anyone is always a good idea; however, when it comes to your boss, thinking before you speak can mean the difference between future career advancement or losing your job altogether. By choosing your words carefully, you can show your boss that you are a committed and loyal employee that knows exactly what to, and what not to, say.